Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dance the night away

The last 2 Friday nights have been date nights for Todd. He put on his casual best and went dancing with 3 lovely ladies. I wasn't one of them. I happily planted myself on the couch with the laptop and played Goober's Lab on Webkinz. Anyway, Todd escorted J, B, and T to the Father-Daughter dances at the high school. Jacey's dance was for the third, fourth, and fifth graders. Jacey had a fabulous time doing the Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, and other dances with her friends. Todd's eardrums nearly burst when the drumsticks of a local band were raffled off and the high-pitch squeals of 200 tweens reverberated throughout the gym.
This year was Tori's first dance and she was a little nervous because she didn't know what to expect. Like the trusted big sister that she is, Bryn stuck by her side to ensure that Tori had a fun night. Todd reported that all was fine except for the 15 minutes that the girls were out of his sight. Just as he was beginning to panic, they both broke free from the pack of girls they were surrounded by and ran to his side. At one point Todd was holding Bryn to slow dance with her and he looked down to see Tori licking Bryn's knee because "she wanted to". What? Doesn't everyone do that?
In the days leading up to the dances, Todd showed the girls how he planned on dancing. He jumped, twirled, pumped his arms, and gyrated as the girls rolled their eyes and said, exasperated, "Oh Daddy". That will be a phrase that will be heard many times in the coming years.


Lisa said...

Mad, I have tears in my eyes.... what a beautiful family. xoxo

House Of Parents said...

I didn't even know schools did this anymore. It's nice to see that the tradition is still carried on and that your girls had such a wonderful time with their Daddy. :)

Jill said...

YAHOOOOOOOO you have a blog now ;)