Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dancing Queen

I was at the sink washing dishes Saturday night listening to an ultimate 80s CD when one of my favorite songs began to play. As soon as she heard the first note, in pranced Devin, shouting ,"I know this song! This is Superfreak!" She began the uncoordinated twists and jumps of a three and a half year old, then suddenly froze and declared that she needed something. A shirt perhaps? A dress to cover her bare torso? No. In fact, she was completely oblivious to her bulging belly. She came back with her favorite hat and plopped it on her head and said, "I needed my Cheetah Girl hat. That's better. Now I can dance." My little Solid Gold dancer continued her performance, which also included belting out the only lyrics she (thankfully) knows, "She's a superfreak, superfreak. She's super freaky..." until the song ended. I adore this age. Devin's vocabulary and imagination are developed to a point that allow her to come up with some crazy antics, yet modesty has yet to appear, so she does and says exactly what she feels at any given moment. This is what I'll miss when my girls are older - the spontaneous dancing, the grabbing of props from the dress up bin, the "Mommy, hold me and dance", the squeals as we spin, and of course, the eruption of giggles when Todd joins in. A house full of girls and one goofball hubby is like nothing else in the world.

I should mention that Devin's purple fingers are not due to a circulation condition. She ate frozen blueberries with dinner.

Oh yeah, the cut on her nose happened when she missed a step in the garage and fell, face first, into the next one. Ouch!

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