Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend

After 7 years and 105,000 miles, we traded in our 2000 Ford Windstar. The tempermental "automatic" sliding doors no longer opened. On the rare occasion they did open, they wouldn't close. Well, sometimes they closed, only to pop themselves right back open. When the steering wheel was turned to the left, a moan resonated from somewhere deep within. The tired engine rattled, hissed, and whistled as if protesting my waking it from its slumber. It was time to retire the old girl. Jacey, Bryn, and Devin were thrilled to get the new car, but Tori was so sad. Let's rephrase that. She was despondent, heartbroken, and completely shattered by the experience. She valiantly tried to hold in her tears, but once the deal was done, she crumbled and the tears began to flow. She wanted to spend time in the van , so while I cleaned out our CDs, maps, Chapstick , and other items, Tori said her goodbye. She rubbed the dashboard and kissed it. She told the van that she would miss it and thanked it for keeping us safe all these years. She asked me to take pictures of her in it and write a list of all the fun times we had in the van. We remember...

  • The drive to Maryland last summer
  • Riding in the back with our feet dangling from the Maryland house to the water, listening to OAR's Blackrock
  • Countless trips to NH for weekends of swimming and relaxation
  • Car dancing down our street
  • The drive home from Todd's mom's house on Christmas Eve. The magic of the lights and the season filled the car with joy and anticipation.

I promised to make her a collage of the pictures I took to hang in her room and she calmed down and was fine...until my husband opened his mouth. Tori, Devin, and I were reading on my bed when Todd came to kiss them goodnight. He said to Tori, "What do you think our van is doing right now? Do you think it's lonely? Do you think it's wondering where its family is"? Once again, she sunk into despair. After many more cuddles and reassurance that we would make lots more memories in the new car, she finally went to bed. She has never been one to willingly embrace change, but I never thought she would react like this about the car. My sweet, sensitive baby. Speaking of babies--here's my newest one...

It's a used '09 GMC Acadia with 15,000 miles. She's shiny, red, and oh-so pretty! Here's to making new memories!

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Melissa said...

How funny that Tori was so attached! What a sweet, sensitive, sentimental girl. :-) We 'car dance' too! :-)

Jill said...

OH so jealous !!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that car, not to mention its a GM & NOT a ford ;) .... lol !!! congrats on the new wheels !!!

stacey said...

Gorgeous new car! It's my dream car (that or the Chevy Traverse). I hope you are able to do something fun in your newest baby soon so Tori can start creating new memories. Just think, if this lasts as long as your last vehicle, she'll be learning to drive in it.