Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pump it up

Who ever came up with this concept is a genius. I took Devin to Pump It Up for open play today. Even though she has a cold she had so much fun running, climbing, jumping, and sliding. We played Hide and Seek and pretended we were falling out of a boat into the ocean. We had to call on Prince Eric to rescue us damsels in distress. When we first walked into the space, she was a little overwhelmed and hesitant to try out the play structures wanted to sit on my lap on the slide. Within a few minutes she felt right at home and was having a blast. Unfortunately we had to leave after just 40 minutes in order to get back in time for Tori's bus. Devin was really sad and didn't want to go. On the drive home I was feeling completely guilty about the lack of quality time I spend with my youngest. I feel like she's always strapped into a car seat or shopping cart. If we're not driving to her sisters' dance and swimming lessons, we're stocking up on groceries. She does have a blast playing with Tori and she loves school, but it's just not the same as having Mommy all to yourself. Days like today are an "in your face" reminder of what's important. Listening to my daughter squeal with delight as I chase her through an inflatable maze is tremendously important. Scrubbing the dried toothpaste off the sink for the 10,000th time - not so much.


Melissa said...

Thanks for putting things in perspective, Madeline! You speak the truth.

stacey said...

What a wonderful day. I can relate to the strapping in of the youngest and missing out on that one-on-one time and I only have two kids. It's so true, they don't care about the dirty sink, they just want mommy time.

I think you must live very near my BIL and SIL. They take their girls there.

Jill said...

arent those places the BEST !?!? how FUN !!!