Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter memories

The boots have been packed away, the mittens and hats have been washed and also packed away. The heavy coats have been removed from the hooks in the kitchen and relegated to the hall closet, not to be seen for another 8 months. When I ordered my coffee at the DD drive through yesterday, I requested the iced variety. Winter is over (fingers crossed) and spring is officially just days away. The girls have been spending hours outside without wasting valuable time bundling up. It's funny how their view of snow changes as the winter months trudge on. When the first flakes fell waaaaay back in December, (or was it November?) they couldn't get their gear on fast enough and get out the door. They didn't care how cold it was or how much snow was in their boots, as long as there was hot chocolate waiting for them when they came inside, they were oblivious to the elements. Now that they've donned their Crocs and capris for the first time, any weather forecaster who even hints at snow is the viewed as the enemy. Before we say goodbye to winter for the last time, here are a few pictures of the girls having fun in the winter of '08/'09. The top picture shows the girls and their friends from the neighborhood with their snow fort. They painted it, Jackson Pollock style, with food coloring and water. It was a masterpiece!

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