Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Best friends

When we moved to this town 7 years ago, I wasn't thinking ahead to whether or not it offered full day kindergarten. We chose wisely. Luckily, our town is one of the very few that still has half days for our little ones. Tori leaves for school in the morning with Bryn, but returns at noon. The three hours of uninterrupted play time she and Devin share is something I'll miss when Tori is in first grade next year. Devin adores Tori because she always comes up with new and exciting games to play. They flit around the house from activity to activity full of giggles. Here are a few examples of how they spend their time together.

Playing Barbies

Vets in training.

Cinderella and Ariel getting ready for the ball. Notice the Black and Decker tool bench/dressing table.

A girl can't go to the ball without her lipstick.

Polly Pocket pool party!

Feeding carrots to the Easter Bunny.

When they leave a room, they leave evidence of their antics....

Family night in the doll house.

Strawberry honey cakes and tea for the bears.

Then there's this. The playroom at the end of the day. It seems that every time they play dress-up, the "perfect" outfit is squished at the very bottom of the bin. They bend over the bin, reach into it, grab fist fulls of costumes from Halloweens and dance recitals of the past, and toss them behind them until they find just what they are looking for. Over the years, my tolerance for the kids' messes has dramatically increased. I don't care what mess they make during the day as long as they promise to clean it at night. However, when it's time to clean, I mean business. Everything has a clearly labeled container and the girls know exactly what goes where so clean up usually takes just a few minutes. Not tonight. After dinner I asked Tori and Devin to clean the playroom while I cleaned the kitchen. By the time I had finished clearing and washing the table, loading the dishwasher, and sweeping the floor, they had accomplished nothing. The combination of warm sunshine, a no school day tomorrow, and Easter caused them to be extra giddy. I resorted to the line that can only be used at Easter and Christmas, "the Easter Bunny (or Santa) isn't going to be happy that you are not cleaning". Tori replied, "Well maybe we can leave the Easter Bunny some carrots." I told her that she couldn't bribe the Easter Bunny and to start cleaning. They continued to fool around by doing things that are, quite honestly very funny to me now that they have been sleeping for the last 3 hours. Devin discovered that if she blew into the spout of her Disney Princess tea pot, the lid would pop off. After more stalling from them and yelling from me, they were told that they would not have books read to them. That's my favorite time of the day, so I hate that punishment as much as they do. When the playroom was finally clean they went upstairs to shower. Tori complained that Devin splashed water in her face. I reminded Tori that she once held her eyelids open under the full stream of the shower to rinse soap out of her eyes. We all laughed at that memory. Devin must have thought that if Mommy is laughing, she's not mad. If she's not mad, we're not punished anymore. She asked, very hopeful, "we get books tonight, right Mama?" I almost caved, but I stood firm. They went to bed and I went to Stop and Shop to buy the ultimate stress reliever...

What did moms do before Ben and Jerry?

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