Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Todd

Today is my husband's birthday. In honor of him (and his English teacher mother, without whom he would not be here) I have written an ABC poem.

A glorious day is here
B ecause we are
C elebrating the birth of a

D addy. He's not just any daddy, he's an

E xceptional daddy. He is

F iercely devoted to his family.
H onesty is one Todd's greatest virtue.

I ntegrity is another that comes to mind. It is

J ustifiable to say that Todd is a

K iller chef. He can whip up anything, such as

L amb, pork, and steak. Yes, he really enjoys

M eat, especially when cooked on the grill.

N ow you may wonder on

O ccasion, maybe you even

P onder - what other

Q ualities do I admire about Todd? He is

R esourceful. He can fix things with duct tape.

S ometimes he uses his power

T ools and completely and

U tterly remodels entire rooms,

V irtually transforming them into

W orks of art. He hasn't needed to have an

X ray recently.

Y ay!

Z ippedooda, zippededay! Today is, indeed, a wonderful day!

Happy birthday to my wonderful, brilliant, honorable, dashing, witty, handy, hardworking, dedicated husband.
****It's now 4pm and it was just brought to my attention that I forgot "G". Feel free to write your own sentence for "G". Sorry Todd!

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Melissa said...

So sweet. Such a nice tribute to your wonderful hubby but I have to ask: where is the "G"?