Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ready for take-off

There's a small municipal airport in our town and on clear, sunny days like today, we like to bring a picnic lunch and go there to watch the planes arrive and depart. The girls scan the sky and try to be the first to spot an incoming plane. When they hear the unmistakable revving of an engine they watch the runways to find the taxiing plane. Today we saw 12 planes, six coming in and six going out. The sight of the twelfth plane was as exciting as the first.
As we were eating, the wind was blowing a rope against the flagpole behind our table, creating a consistent rhythm. Tori felt the sudden urge to abandon her lunch and dance to the rhythm, so she did.

We walked around the airport and took some fun pictures, including this one of the three of us.

We spent a lovely, peaceful, and free hour at the airport before going home.

Later in the afternoon Tori informed me that she was married to Beast Boy (the green faced boy) and that they had 3 babies (the frogs) named Froggy, Toady, and Lily. I don't know how she comes up with this stuff, but I'm very happy that she does. She's creative, imaginative, and is one of the funniest people I've ever known. Every family should have a Tori. She reminds me so much of her 2 aunts, my sister, Vicki, and Todd's sister, Gwen. Tori shares their exuberance, their energy, and they joy they bring to anyone who crosses their path. I feel very lucky to have all 3 of them in my life.

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