Thursday, April 23, 2009

The sleepover

Bryn and one of her neighborhood friends had been conspiring to have a sleepover for quite some time. Apparently, so had Jacey and another neighborhood friend. Since last week was April vacation, and I didn't want any hurt feelings, I told my girls they could invite all 5 of their best friends for a pizza party & sleepover. This was their first one (and mine, too. Since my Dad was Boston cop who worked the midnight shift, we never had anyone sleep over because he needed to sleep for a few hours after dinner)and they were ecstatic! They made a long list of activities for the night which included a fashion show, silly make overs, karaoke, and "pull an all nighter".
They arrived at 5:00 and the squealing and giggling began at 5:01. They raced upstairs to Jacey's room to claim their sleeping spot. I had moved the furniture out of her room earlier in the day to make room for everyone. Once they unrolled their sleeping bags, they ate pizza and apples for dinner. They decided to do the makeovers before dessert. They painted their faces with neon pink and blue make up, and smeared various shades of red glitter goo all over themselves. They scrubbed their faces before eating Klondike Bars for dessert. Next on the agenda was karaoke. One of the girls brought a karaoke machine and one CD. They took turns singing the same song over and over and over again. Todd came down from our room where he was hiding while watching the Bruins game. He asked what the awful noise was in the living room and I told him that it was the girls' singing. He quickly grabbed himself a fresh drink and scurried back upstairs to his retreat. After more silliness, the girls brushed their teeth before settling down to watch a movie. After the movie, the pack moved upstairs to "sleep". I made sure they were all settled, closed the shade, and shut the door. Before I took a single step away from J's room I heard the eruption of laughter coming from the other side of the door. Before their friends arrived, I told my girls that I really wanted them to try and be calm and on their way to sleep at midnight. My girls go to bed very early, so I thought that by midnight,they would be sound asleep. I underestimated the power of the pack. They played "would you rather" and asked each other questions such as, "would you rather have poison ivy between every finger and toe, or all over your butt?" More giggling. They bounded down the stairs for water, they (at least some of them) jumped off Jacey's bed, they rearranged the layout of the sleeping bags, and giggled some more. Midnight came and went and the chatter continued. I went into the room a few times to try and quiet them to no avail. I went to bed at 1am, but not to sleep. The noise level down the hall continued to rise. At 1:45, I went into Jacey's room one last time and practically begged them to go to sleep. I don't know if I fell asleep first or they did, but the house was finally quiet. When I came downstairs in the morning, all nine girls were sitting together, huddled under blankets, watching TV. They ate cereal for breakfast while waiting for their moms to pick them up. As exhausting, chaotic, and loud as they event was, hearing sentences like, "this was the best sleepover of my life" and "I wish we were all sisters" was well worth the sleep deprivation.

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Jill said...

how FUN !!!!! i LOVED sleep overs growing up & with us it was never just ONE kid, it was a PACK ... lol !!! sounds like they had a BLAST