Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday night with the Food Network

The girls and I love watching the "Food Network Challenge" on Sunday nights, especially when the challenge involves cake baking. We have seen the Ultimate Wedding Cake Challenge, the Mystery Client Challenge, and the Extreme Cake Challenge as well as many, many others. For the last 2 weeks we have been watching an elimination challenge featuring 6 amazing cake artists. Each week a baker is voted off. Our favorite of all time, Bronwen Weber, has managed to hang on. She's so talented and just as cute as a button. Though I do love watching the artists show off their flower sculpting and fondant rolling skills, the real reason I love the challenges so much is that my freshly-showered girls gather their pillows and pile on my bed with me. They know all the designers, have become well versed in cake decorating lingo, and have very differing opinions as to what makes a cake spectacular. Some like clean lines and geometric shapes, while others like the traditional butter cream flowers and piping. This week's episode was particularly great and Bronwen made it through again. Devin fell asleep about half way through, cuddled up close to her biggest sister. When it was over, they slithered their worn out bodies off my bed and dragged their pillows down the hall to go to bed. I hope they dreamed of royal icing roses and chocolate glazed hearts.
Todd spent the entire weekend (except for 8:00pm to 10:30pm on Saturday when the Bruins kicked butt!!) remodeling the downstairs bathroom. He painted, installed a new floor, medicine cabinet, and light, put bead board on the walls, and finished with lovely trim. We did not replace the toilet, sink, and bath tub so we picked a paint color that we hoped would make their peach color more tolerable. I am very pleasantly surprised to say that not only are they tolerable, but they are beautiful with the paint color. Somehow, the in-your-face shade of peach that was garish with the white walls is now subdued and spa like with the cherry laminate floor and the dark grey wall color and white bead board. Jacey helped Todd pick out the floor and also picked out the new shower curtain. Three cheers for my do it all hubby! He cooks, too!

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stacey said...

I adore Bronwen! We watch those cake shows and are just amazed every week.

As for the "new" bathroom, very impressive! Can Todd send some of that handyman-ness this way. ;)