Monday, May 18, 2009

Lick vs spit

Last night I performed my Sunday night ritual - the house cleaning tirade. I went room to room, barking orders at everyone to put away the Pollys, Barbies, doctor supplies, waffle blocks, and many other toys that were played with over the course of the weekend. Yesterday's weather was cloudy and damp and since the girls were outside gardening with Todd all day Saturday, they stayed in their pajamas, unwashed, and played in the house for the day. By the time 6:30 rolled around, the house was unrecognizable, which added a bit more hysteria to my ranting.
Scattered across the living room floor were about a dozen plastic play coins. When I inquired as to why they were there, Jacey told me that Tori used her spit to stick them all over Devin. Tori was upstairs so I called her down. As she was descending the staircase, I asked her if she used her spit to stick coins on her sister.
Tori: I didn't use spit. I used lick.
Me: You used what?
Tori: Lick. Like this. (she licked the air to demonstrate)
Me: Lick is made up of spit.
Tori: Ohhhhhhh
I turned to stifle my laugh and saw that Todd was doing the same. I guess that in the mind of a six year old, spit happens only when saliva is propelled out of someone's mouth at high velocity. Another story for her scrapbook. But, you know, spit happens.


Jill said...

bwahahahhaha thats great, where are the pics of the coins attached with 'lick' though ;)

i had to laugh at your 'barking orders' oh the days of growing up. although your MUCH nicer. when there was clutter my mom did what we called a 'swoop job' ONE big pile of ALL our 'CRAP' & if it wasnt put away in its PROPER place within X amount of time .... GARBAGE it went.

Outnumbered said...

I laughed real time...and I think I laughed harder reading about it!!!