Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Polly Pocket, a pig, and some pipe cleaners

These were attached to the piano leg a few days ago. I knew it was Tori's handiwork so I asked her to explain what was going on. She said, "weeeeellllllll, an evil guy tied up Polly. The pig tried to save her but he got tied up, too." Classic Tori. She leaves little scenes like this all over the house, and though I get irritated (too much so) that she doesn't clean up after herself without being reminded several times, I will miss seeing things like this when she's grown.


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Pass It On, Baby! said...

Stopping by to say hello once I stopped laughing from the post! Too cute! Just saw you on Pass It On, Baby! as a follower and wanted to personally thank you. I have to assume that you've seen and support our message and for that very grateful. We hope you will enjoy our little journey as we attempt to make this place just a little better. Come along for the ride! =) ~ Elizabeth