Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hedwig's Theme

Jacey participated in her first piano recital last week. She chose to play Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. Her teacher thought it was an ambitious piece for a first year student, but Jacey loves HP, so she worked very hard to learn it. Todd and I were so nervous for her, but she was completely calm and played beautifully! She began taking lessons in March of '08, but she didn't play in last year's recital since she had only been playing for a few months. The quality of the video isn't great, but you get the idea. Bravo, Jacey!



Tracey said...

awesome! encore! encore!

stacey said...

Way to go Jacey! I got a bit teary eyed watching that. She did an amazing job. I wish we had room in the house for a piano. I would love my kids to learn to play.

Anonymous said...

Yo Mad...small error in your text...if you ask Jacey, she will tell you that her first piano lesson was March 3rd, 2008, not February 2007 per your post.

Proud Papa

Melissa said...

Way to go, Jacey! It looks so lonely up there but you did a GREAT job! All your hard work payed off.