Monday, July 27, 2009

Before I forget

It's been a long, hot day and I'm really tired. I should go to bed, but Tori made one of the funniest statements she's ever made tonight and I have to write it down before I forget.

She and Devin were in the shower and Devin was singing the Butt Vagina Song as she washed herself.
Tori: I used to have a Butt Vagina Song but I don't anymore.
Me: I guess you're too old to have one.
Tori: Yeah
Me: What do you think you'll miss about being a kid once you're a grown up?
Tori (without a moment's hesitation): Picking my nose.
Me: Of all the fun things about childhood, you're going to miss picking your nose the most? Why?
Tori: Well, when I'm a grown up, I won't be able to do it because I'll know better. So right before I'm about to be a teenager, I'm going to do it a lot.
I don't know where this kid came from or how she comes up with the stuff she says, but I wouldn't change one thing about her.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The girls have crossed the summer vacation threshold. Though it's only been a month, they are quickly becoming sick and tired of each other. They bicker more frequently, whack each other more frequently (and harder), and tattle on each other more frequently. Every activity has the potential to deterioriate into a scene from Fight Club. This week has been more difficult because Jacey has been at camp from 9:00 to 3:00 and I didn't want to do anything really fun without her. That means the rest of us have been hanging around the house and doing more mundane errands like grocery shopping, which the girls are truly sick of. Yesterday morning, Bryn, Tori, and Devin were upstairs playing a Papo game for over an hour. They set up all the castles, princesses, fairies, centaurs, wizards, ogres, knights, horses, and dungeons. Matt and Gwen gave them this for Christmas (it's now half price!), which is the greatest prop for the ultimate Papo game. Devin suddenly came down the stairs sobbing and babbling incoherently. I picked her up, told her to calm down, and asked her what the problem was. She replied, "Bryn turned my princesses feet into troll feet and I don't want her to have troll feet. I just want her to have regular feet." Bryn stood at the top of the stairs to defend herself, "that's because she threw something at my king and that was her punishment."
It was time for a diversion and I knew that this required the heavy artillery - Mommy's paint box. The kids' paint box is filled with the basic rainbow colors, but Mommy's paint box has those colors, along with metallic, neon, and glitter paints.

Bryn chose all the shades of blue in the box and painted a study in blue.

Of course, Tori created a study in purple, along with some gold and glitter.

Devin dove into the paint box and created a study in whatever her little fists pulled out. She started to paint her name - I love her "E".

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My favorite place on earth

Brenton Point State Park in Newport, Rhode Island is, by far, my favorite place to spend a weekend day. Everywhere you look, you'll see generations of families spread out on blankets, chairs, and picnic tables. You'll see kids playing ball with their parents and grandparents. You'll see people grilling, passing plates, and sharing stories as well as food. Today I saw a multigeneration family singing as their patriarch played the accordion. You'll hear children shouting, "look at that one!", "did you see that?", and "can I have a turn now?" Today I heard a father say to his wife and little girls, "let's find our secret spot" as they trekked through the grass with cooler, kite, and chairs in hand. The other reason I adore Brenton Point is the view. First things first - we eat.

Now the fun part: the girls call this "the kite flying hill". Here's why. Set on a hill surrounded by the mighty Atlantic on 3 sides, Brenton Point is the perfect spot to fly a kite. The kites you'll find here are extraordinary and come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes and colors - from sea creatures and scuba divers to pirate ships and alligators.

My favorite

After admiring the brilliant kites for a while, it was our turn. In the past, we haven't had the best luck. Unfortunately, today was no different. I bought 4 kites at Benny's, ranging in price from $2.99 to $7.99. Of those, one was broken when I took it out of the package, 2 refused to stay in the air, and only one actually flew. The "good" kite was Bryn's and she was less than thrilled when she had to pass the string along to her sisters just as she had mastered her technique. After wrestling with Jacey's kite for quite some time, I thought Todd was going to have a stroke. We needed something to lighten the mood. We got it - at Devin's expense. The kite that had refused to stay in the air had finally taken flight, when it suddenly began a death spiral and careened toward the ground. Devin was innocently sitting on the cooler, gazing out at the ocean when she was smacked on the back and nearly thrown to the ground by the incoming invader. She was startled and more than a little angry at the rest of us who were doubled over in laughter. She crossed her arms, pushed her chin down into her best pout face and declared, "it's NOT funny!"

After flying our kite for a while, we crossed the parking lot to spend some time walking on the rocks and admiring the ocean.

My babies and me
Jacey - long and lean

Resting on the rocks

Blowing in the wind

Daddy and Tori


A rare photo of Todd and me (with J in the backround)

One last look before we head home

Worn out

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blueberry picking

I've learned that keeping busy keeps the fighting to a minimum, so we are trying to get out as much as possible this summer. Yesterday was blueberry picking day. On the grounds of the farm are a playground, hay stacks for climbing, and lots of animals. The blueberries were plentiful and delicious!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today the girls and I went to the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. We didn't spend a lot of time inside because the weather was glorious and we wanted to be out! We spent a wonderful afternoon wandering the sculpture park and posing with some of our favorite pieces. We packed a picnic, as usual, and stopped for ice cream on the way home. Again, as usual.

Lifting a mallet

Jacey: "Can you hear me?"

Are you looking at me?

Tire tread tee pee

My heart with 2 hearts

Do you hear what I hear?

Under a canopy of leaves
2 pieces I like
Eating lunch

Eating dessert

The rooftop terrace

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hit me with your best shot

We were in Benny's buying shock for the pool when the girls saw foam swords. These swords were the greatest things they had ever seen in their lives. One girl after another pleaded with me to buy her one. "I've aaaaaalways wanted a foam sword" they cried. Really? That was news to me. Actually, that moment was the first time I'd heard of the desire for a weapon made of cheap, limp foam that would, inevitably, lead to tears and screaming. Tears from the girl who had just received a smack in the eye, and screaming from me, condemning the perpetrator. However, their persuasive powers won me over. Plus, I really wanted to chase them around the yard with my own sword.

Jacey, Bryn, and I had an exhaustive battle Friday night that ended with me begging for mercy. I vowed to get my revenge on Sunday, but once again was brought to my knees, this time by Bryn and Tori. All four of them proved to be formidable opponents. They have youth and agility on their side, whereas I, well, don't.