Friday, July 24, 2009


The girls have crossed the summer vacation threshold. Though it's only been a month, they are quickly becoming sick and tired of each other. They bicker more frequently, whack each other more frequently (and harder), and tattle on each other more frequently. Every activity has the potential to deterioriate into a scene from Fight Club. This week has been more difficult because Jacey has been at camp from 9:00 to 3:00 and I didn't want to do anything really fun without her. That means the rest of us have been hanging around the house and doing more mundane errands like grocery shopping, which the girls are truly sick of. Yesterday morning, Bryn, Tori, and Devin were upstairs playing a Papo game for over an hour. They set up all the castles, princesses, fairies, centaurs, wizards, ogres, knights, horses, and dungeons. Matt and Gwen gave them this for Christmas (it's now half price!), which is the greatest prop for the ultimate Papo game. Devin suddenly came down the stairs sobbing and babbling incoherently. I picked her up, told her to calm down, and asked her what the problem was. She replied, "Bryn turned my princesses feet into troll feet and I don't want her to have troll feet. I just want her to have regular feet." Bryn stood at the top of the stairs to defend herself, "that's because she threw something at my king and that was her punishment."
It was time for a diversion and I knew that this required the heavy artillery - Mommy's paint box. The kids' paint box is filled with the basic rainbow colors, but Mommy's paint box has those colors, along with metallic, neon, and glitter paints.

Bryn chose all the shades of blue in the box and painted a study in blue.

Of course, Tori created a study in purple, along with some gold and glitter.

Devin dove into the paint box and created a study in whatever her little fists pulled out. She started to paint her name - I love her "E".

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