Monday, July 13, 2009

Hit me with your best shot

We were in Benny's buying shock for the pool when the girls saw foam swords. These swords were the greatest things they had ever seen in their lives. One girl after another pleaded with me to buy her one. "I've aaaaaalways wanted a foam sword" they cried. Really? That was news to me. Actually, that moment was the first time I'd heard of the desire for a weapon made of cheap, limp foam that would, inevitably, lead to tears and screaming. Tears from the girl who had just received a smack in the eye, and screaming from me, condemning the perpetrator. However, their persuasive powers won me over. Plus, I really wanted to chase them around the yard with my own sword.

Jacey, Bryn, and I had an exhaustive battle Friday night that ended with me begging for mercy. I vowed to get my revenge on Sunday, but once again was brought to my knees, this time by Bryn and Tori. All four of them proved to be formidable opponents. They have youth and agility on their side, whereas I, well, don't.

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Melissa said...

Ahoy, your mateys sure are cute!