Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canada: Friday and Saturday

We just returned from a week on the sunny shores of Lake Rideau in Portland, Ontario, Canada. My mother-in-law (referred to as Mom from here on) found an amazing house while scouring the internet months ago. It was directly on the lake and big enough for all 10 of us. Todd, the girls, and I left at 6am on Friday, August 14. The girls slept in the their clothes the night before, so when they woke up all they had to do was brush their teeth and jump in the car (which was, of course, packed the night before). We stopped 2 hours into the trip for breakfast at Friendly's and again about 4 hours later for lunch at Applebee's. We arrived at the house around 3:15 and ran to the back of the house to see the lake.

We explored the house, unpacked, swam, and went for a pontoon boat ride while we waited for our fellow travelers to arrive. After a late, but extremely delicious grilled chicken dinner, we went to sleep.

The sky was blue and the air was hot, not just "hot for Canada", but downright muggy, sticky, New England in August hot when we awoke Saturday and we were all still worn out from the trip, so we spent the day at the house. The basement was a kid's dream, complete with an air hockey table, Foosball table, and ping pong table, as well as a huge CD player, so we hung out down there for a bit. Even Todd's grandmother got into the action.

Then it was time go outside! Jim went for a hike, Todd, Mom, Devin, and I canoed around the lake, and Gramma, Gwen, Jacey, Tori, and Bryn took the paddle boat out for a spin.

We spent the remainder of the day swimming...

...and frog catching.

It was a momentous day for Devin because she caught her first frog - ever! All by herself!

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