Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rock on

What's better than a fun craft? A cheap, fun craft! I found a six pack of cardboard guitars at Michael's - for $1.60! The Halloween decorations are already on display so the summer crafts have been put on clearance.
On Wednesday, the girls painted them.

On Thursday, we opened the best door in the house - the craft closet door - and pulled out the embellishments. They used jewels, sequins, tassels, pom poms, stickers, and buttons to customize their guitars.

On Thursday night they demonstrated their air guitar skills.


Jill said...

bwahahah thats GREAT !!!!!

Melissa said...

LOL . . . I **LOVE** it. Can I come grow up at your house b/c I think you ROCK as a mom!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you totally ROCK! I'm serious. look at their faces, they are totally into it! vic