Saturday, August 29, 2009


I interrupt the Canada blog to share a story with you. For the last week or so, three of the girls have had mild colds, and at least one bedroom has had a Vicks strip plugged into its wall at night. As I was making dinner Thursday evening, Bryn came down the stairs and told me that she loved the smell of the Vicks pads. I agreed that Vicks was good stuff, but I was preparing dinner, so I kept my back to her. Several minutes later, Jacey said, "Mom, you have to see Bryn." I turned and looked at Bryn. She had half a Vicks pad stuck to her nostrils with Scotch tape. The tape held the pad in place, but it also pulled her cheeks into a creepy, Joker-like smile. I tried my best to sound stern as I instructed her to take the Vicks pad off her face, eventhough this was one of the funniest stunts any of my kids have ever pulled. I'm kicking myself for not snapping a picture, but I was shredding meat off a turkey leg for my faux pulled pork sandwiches. We told Todd about it at dinner that night and he, too, laughed. However, he wanted to drill the "don't do it again" message in to her head, so he played the fear card. He told her that the fumes of the pad would burn her lungs...forever. We could see Bryn's face changing as she thought about her lungs collapsing under the heat of the menthol, so we told her that her lungs would be okay since she only did it this one time.

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Melissa said...

LOL, Bryn! I can't blame her. I love me some Vick's too. She's so inventive.

Anonymous said...

Did you know... that Vicks, or at least the scent is from the Eucalyptus tree? Eucalyptus is awesome for LOTS OF THINGS like a natural bug repellent and it totally helps in breathing. I use it here in the house for the bugs. loveYaVicki