Monday, September 21, 2009

Bye Bye Big Tooth

When Tori's baby teeth grew in, 2 of them came in fused together. We call it her "big tooth", but the dentist calls it her "special tooth." When she had a cleaning last week, she had some Xrays taken to see what was going on under there. There are 2 adult teeth, but one is coming in at an extreme angle because the big tooth has refused to loosen. The dentist suggested that it be pulled to encourage the adult tooth to straighten itself out. I took one last picture of my favorite little tooth before we went.

The procedure was amazingly quick and painless. Tori said it didn't hurt, but she could hear the roots creaking. She was a little nervous, but Jacey, who has absolutely zero pain tolerance, has had 5 teeth pulled without any problems, so Tori knew that it wouldn't be too traumatic. After all, Jacey went into shock and vomited after being stung by a jellyfish during the summer of '08. Tori was stung twice and walked it off. Anyway, here's Tori recuperating after her appointment.

The Big Tooth has been replaced by The Big Hole

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Jill said...

awww such a BIG girl !!! i had MANY baby teeth pulled cause my adult teeth decided to come in before my baby teeth wanted to come out. as a kid i was like jacey FINE with pain, as an adult, i puked after my wisdom teeth were pulled.