Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love this one!

Over the years, we have acquired a collection of Halloween and Thanksgiving books, thanks mainly to my now retired English teacher mother in law. The books spend the majority of the year packed away in a closet and reemerge in mid September for the upcoming holiday. Today was the day I pulled out the backpack and dumped its contents on my bed. Tori and Devin dove right in, exclaiming the same words they did at last year's unveiling - "I love this one!", "I remember this one!", "I forgot all about this one!" Just wait until we open the Christmas book backpack in November!

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stacey said...

I did the same thing on Thursday and the kids went wild. I am realizing I need to buy some new books as most of the ones we have are for littler kids, but it didn't matter and C was able to read most of what we had to G. It amazes me that they can remember books they haven't seen for nine months.