Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Part 2

The girls planned their costumes around the time they went back to school. Jacey wanted to be a vampire with her 2 best friends on our street. Bryn and Tori decided to be twin pirates. I tried to persuade Devin to simply wear one of the many Disney Princess dresses or dance recital costumes we have in the dress up box, but at 4 and a half years old, she was no longer falling for that con. She chose to be a cow girl. I stayed home to give out candy and Todd went out with the girls and their friends. Since their friend's dad was dressing up, my girls thought that Todd should also wear a costume. They emptied the dress up boxes in the playroom and dressed their father. Tori said, "We can call you Sir Fartsalot."
The girls were out for an hour and a half. When they got home I was video chatting with my sister in Costa Rica, so the girls were ecstatic that they got to see her and show her their costumes.

They ate a few pieces, then Jacey and Bryn got down to the business of one of the most important Halloween traditions - bartering.

When they went to bed, Todd and I engaged in a tradition of our own - raiding the candy bags.


Melissa said...

You totally captured the fun of the day!

Anonymous said...

Hey sis. What cool costumes they had. I love the bartering thing with the candy. Did we ever barter or did you just take my candy? :) Sir. Fartsalot... how funny! love ya.