Monday, October 19, 2009

"Hey Bryn..."

...said Tori to Bryn one night last week as she walked into the bathroom to find her sister. She may have only said, "Hey Bryn," but the tone of her voice, coupled with a sly giggle, said to me, "Hey Bryn, I just did something really funny, but I don't think Mom would agree, so don't tell her OK?" The next sentence out of her mouth is one I've never heard before in all my years of parenting (and teaching before my kids came along). "I'm zipping my belly button in my pajama zipper." More giggling. Bryn laughed, shook her head, and rolled her eyes. "On purpose?" I asked. "Yeah," she replied. I asked her why and she responded with, "because I want to". Of course she did. She didn't just do it once or twice. She did it over and over again. Each time she did it she laughed just as hard as she did the first time.

The next morning, she put on a pair of Halloween eyes, pretended to be a fly, and flitted around the house.

Yesterday she decided she'd dress up. First she was a superhero named Pink Ice.
Then she was a cowgirl named Becky Kentucky and galloped about on a dust mop.

When Tori is not home, I find pieces of her all over. She's always on the move to her next game, so I find scenes like this in nearly every room of the house. Poor Barbie didn't stand a chance against this guy.

Then there's her artwork. This is my favorite drawing she's ever made. She refers to herself as "Rokstar".
Tori is my loudest, messiest, most exasperating daughter, but makes me laugh more then any other girl.

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Anonymous said...

How hilarious she is, oh my!! I love the glasses and the barbie. I was never one for Barbies...
I can't see the drawing photo Maddy:( it's blank. Can't wait to play with them in December. love.V.