Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Little girls - their brains are filled with extraordinary ideas and rarely is there enough time to accommodate all of their plans. All of the following pictures were taken Saturday morning in a few hour time span.

Devin had to fix a table, so she put on her goggles and got to work.

Bryn and Tori decided to play “birds”. Bryn was a white dove and Tori was a robin so they dressed accordingly. Next, they needed a nest and a baby bird. The dress up bin became a nest and Devin became the baby bird.

When Devin was no longer meeting their expectations, Bryn and Tori made new babies. They gathered supplies, including my glue gun, and crafted themselves baby birds.

The most magical trait little girls possess is their ability to drop everything and dance when they hear music. Nothing gets my girls dancing like the Mama Mia soundtrack.

Click here to watch


Melissa said...

LOVE THE VIDEO! It gave me a walk down memory lane. I danced to Dancing Queen during my 4 th grade talent show. I wore a light blue polyester dress that had an acordian pleated skirt that was PERFECT for twirling. I thought I was the cat's meow (until I later learned that my underwear showed to the whole class as I spun around). LOL

Did they learn their moves from you? *wink* Your girls have such a contagious spirit. I love them.

stacey said...

Your house always looks like so much fun!