Thursday, March 25, 2010

Captain Sunny

Tori has many aliases. Irot (Tori backwards), Bob the Dog and his wife Bobina, Becky Kentucky, and Wilma are characters that visit on a regular basis. Each has his or her own personality and very distinct voice and they all live in Tori’s imaginary world called “Cotton Eye Joe”. Of course, Tori is the queen of that world. On any given weekend, we are blessed with the arrival of new friends she concocts in that little head of hers – a spy, a vet, a chef. Last weekend Tori noticed the sun pouring in through the utterly filthy play room window and suddenly felt the urge to transform into a new friend – Captain Sunny, crime fighter. She wrapped herself in a sheer sarong, popped on orange sunglasses, and a Griffendor inspired hat and scarf (Jacey’s Halloween costume from a couple years back). She spread her wings and flew around the house for about an hour. When she was done, she dropped her costume in the middle of the kitchen floor and moved on to her next adventure.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How do I love thee?

This weekend, my dear husband spent hours and hours remodeling the bathroom.  He ripped out the sink, toilet, and medicine cabinet.  He painted, and painted, and painted some more.  He stopped only to change my the pouring rain.  Thank you, Todd! XOXOXO

The girls' favorite part of the weekend was playing with the empty medicine cabinet box.  They brought in pillows and book lights and camped out all afternoon.