Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little things

Two of Bryn’s favorite things are my hot glue gun and small items. When she was a little girl, her pockets were always filled with various small things she collected throughout the day like pebbles, tiny acorns, and bits of thread. We were in Staples one day when she was about 3 and we saw a bin of mini calculators attached to key chains. As we passed it, she contorted her neck so she could continue to gaze at the calculators and she said to me in a soft, wistful voice, “Mommy, I’m so attracted to those little calculators and I can’t stop looking at them.” My hot glue gun is a recent favorite and she uses it whenever possible, even when traditional white glue or tape would suffice.  She has also made doll clothes and accessories with felt and beads. Imagine her joy when she discovered a way to combine her love of small things with her love of hot glue! All of the girls enjoying playing with Papos, especially the mini variety. We don’t have many, however, so Bryn decided to make her own. She thought and thought and finally came up with a plan. She molded a small sheet of foil into a female form, covered it in hot glue, and painted it. The whole process took hours. 

She was very pleased with the results so she made another one.
She also made them purses.