Friday, May 14, 2010

Resisting the urge

We are the only family on the street without an Xbox, Play Station, or a WII. They have told me that they are the only kids they know without a DS. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that Todd and I would become sleep deprived from all night sessions of Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Guitar Hero. However, my main reason for boycotting the game systems is that I’m afraid the girls would lose their creativity. Case in point: Jacey has asked for a DS because she would like a game called Fashion Designer. The user can “create the perfect line of clothing by combining the latest cuts, colors, and patterns or style a model’s hair, makeup, nails, jewelry, and accessories.” With a stylus. Creating fashion designs without the use of an actual writing implement? That doesn’t sound very creative to me. So for Christmas she received the Project Runway Projector Kit. It’s fantastic. She can combine many tops, bottoms, and accessories to created hundreds of looks. She puts colors together that I wouldn’t necessarily think would match and makes some beautiful outfits.

Jacey’s walls are full of holes and covered in tape. My nails are worn out from scraping clumps of solidified glue off the table after one of Bryn’s hot glue marathons. The playroom needs to be sorted and cleaned every time Devin plays ‘secret agent’. The entire house needs to be bulldozed when Tori is done doing whatever she does. It won’t last forever though. Someday the walls will be patched, my house will be quiet and orderly and my nails will be manicured and pretty. But for now, Todd and I will continue the video game boycott.
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Melissa said...

Love your commitment to their creativity! <3

Mom C said...

Bravo! Such gold-medal winning parenting against the culture is never easy, but oh, so worth it! Kudos to you both!