Thursday, May 6, 2010

Secret Agent

During a recent cleaning frenzy, I came across this. It’s one of Todd’s baseball hats, stuffed and rolled into a ball. As I began to empty the hat and put away its contents, Devin shrieked, “NO! That’s my secret agent bag!” Of course it was.

I poured everything on to the counter and asked her to explain what each item was and what role it played in her secret agent game. Here’s what she said…

*Travel size Etch-a-Sketch to show her the next mission

*Magnet ball – power jewel

* Monopoly dollar bill – the serial number is her phone number (very clever!)

* Ripped off Barbie arm – helps her make stuff

*Skull ring – scares animals away

*Glasses (sans lenses) – that’s what secret agents wear

Here she is ready for a mission.


Azúcar said...

(I just came to say your comment on The Meanest Mom's blog about "Mean" moms had me cackling out loud. Good one.)

Queen of Crafts, Current Events, and Such. said...

I read your comment too M. and.......I like your style...I was a mean mom too...I have one offspring... raised, married, college degree...going into the Army as an officer.
And another offspring that is a Nursing school dropout,that is "finding her groove"...and going to beauty school now.
They are both great young adults...that hold open doors, say thankyou and please, and treat people with respect....and dont expect anything for free...All because I was "mean" too and taught them well.

Queen of Crafts, Current Events, and Such. said...

PS...David(the E-mailer) is ...a big weenie!


All the girls are so creative, it's so great. Who knows what they will be. love.V.