Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Solar Smores

I’ve been a subscriber of Family Fun Magazine for years. When it arrives in the mailbox each month, I flip through the pages and tear out crafts, game ideas, and recipes that I think would be really great to try. I envision myself building my own Blue Man Group tubes with PVC pipes, playing chop stick pass along at the dinner table, or getting the girls together for a rousing game of indoor foot volleyball. The torn pages sit on a desk in the kitchen. The months pass and the pages don’t move. Eventually, I throw them away and wallow in my parental inadequacies. Over the years, however, there have been a few pages that I have refused to throw away because the ideas were just too good to pass up. Today, I finally created the solar smores from the April, 2008 issue. Using a Dunkin Donuts box, foil, black card stock, a plastic sheet protector, and tape, Devin and I created an oven. We put the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows in the box, closed the lid (which was cut open and covered with the sheet protector), and placed it in the sun. The foil reflected the sun directly into the box and the plastic sealed in the heat. In about 20 minutes, the chocolate was gooey and the smores were ready to eat.

If you'd like to try it (you really should), here's the link


stacey said...

"Parental inadequacies" is not a term that could ever be used with you Madeline. I remember seeing that and thinking "I've got to do that with the kids" and then never getting around to it. Seeing as they'll both be home from school very soon, I'm thinking now is the time! I wonder if s'mores would taste okay with white chocolate for my little man? It's worth a shot!


very cool sista'. great photos... have you backed up all your awesome photos of the kids yet? love ya.V.

Lisa said...

Madeline! Thanks so much for visiting me! I love this idea- my kids are going to go crazy when they see your photos...I am so sending them outside to do this today!