Friday, July 23, 2010

Brenton Point

This is my favorite spot to spend a summer weekend day.  It's Brenton Point State Park in Newport, RI.  The cooling breeze, the crashing waves, the colorful kites, the happy children...bliss.  The girls received kites in their Easter baskets and  have been patiently waiting to try them out.  Though we have had many unsuccessful kite flying experiences, we were optimistic when we opened the packages.  The Easter Bunny must have been watching our previous attempts and taken pity on us, because the first three kites practically leaped out of the kids' hands and immediately took to the sky where they stayed until they were reeled back in. However, the kites gods were feeling malicious and instructed the fourth kite not to cooperate.  It was the same exact style as one of the other kites so we (well, Todd) were pissed off quite frustrated.  After watching it take flight, jerk to the right, and crash to the earth several times, he took Tori and Devin to the kite shack and bought a new kite.  He was assured that this one was the easiest kite to fly.  Not so much.  It flew straight up, then straight down.  We decided it was time to pack up the kites. 
Nothing reduces the stress from an uncooperative kite like a stroll by the ocean.  We tossed the kites in the car and spent some time skipping on the rocks.

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stacey said...

Still on my "to do this summer" list. I need to get to the ocean and seeing your girls looking in the pools and checking out what they can find makes me want to get there that much more.