Thursday, August 26, 2010

More shaving foam fun

We did this earlier in the summer and I think I posted pictures.    The girls really love playing with this stuff and it's a cheap way to spend an afternoon.  Watching the antics of care-free children on a sunny summer day is good for the soul.  Don't you agree? 
See Jacey in the backround?  I think she really wanted to smear shaving foam on her sisters but thought she would be seen as 'uncool' since she's starting middle school soon. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The games they play

Summer is half over (yippee) and the girls are still coming up with new ways to pass the time.  Today Jacey and Devin played "Three Blind Mice".  Devin closed her eyes and stumbled around the house, using  a foam sword as a walking stick.  Staying true to the nursery rhyme, Jacey chased her with a (minuscule, plastic) carving  knife. 

What other games do they play?  I'm so happy you asked...
While relaxing on a dock in NH last weekend, I heard the unmistakable sound of guilty giggling.  Just as a mom knows the difference between her newborn's hungry cries versus wet diaper cries, she also has the uncanny ability to discern between playful giggles and 'Mom is going to kill us, but this is too fun to stop doing' giggles.  I reluctantly tore myself away from my juicy novel and went to investigate the source of the laughter.  There they were, my 4 darling little girls actually playing together.  Jacey, Bryn, and Tori were waxing Devin's eyebrows--with Devin's full permission and approval.  Devin was  handing out stickers to her sisters and they pressed them against her eyebrows. Then they ripped them off.  "We got 3 hairs" Devin gleefully exclaimed when I completely freaked out and asked them what the hell they were doing gently questioned them.