Thursday, August 26, 2010

More shaving foam fun

We did this earlier in the summer and I think I posted pictures.    The girls really love playing with this stuff and it's a cheap way to spend an afternoon.  Watching the antics of care-free children on a sunny summer day is good for the soul.  Don't you agree? 
See Jacey in the backround?  I think she really wanted to smear shaving foam on her sisters but thought she would be seen as 'uncool' since she's starting middle school soon. 


stacey said...

Oh Jacey, have fun like this while you can! I think your little sisters should have all run over and given you a big hug. They look like they had a great time!


What funny poses! Yeah, I did see Jacey in the background. I think she totally wanted to join in. Seems like you must have told them the rule of no saving cream in the eyes. Love ya. V.