Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Do you know what I did the day the girls went back to school?  I decorated for Halloween.  The date was September 9.  I tried to wait for the girls to come home from school so they could help me, but as I unpacked the boxes the mantle called out to me.  I was weak. I gave in.

 Glittery skulls were carefully placed randomly dumped into a vase.

 Glass beads filled another vase.

 I bought some really cheap brown paper mache skulls from Michael's,  painted them white, then coated them in glitter.  On the bottom of the basket is a strand of  purple and orange lights.  On top of that is the same creepy, black wiry stuff that hides the wire on the mantle. 
 Here's the basket at night...

Happy haunting!


stacey said...

Now I want a mantle more than ever! And I love your basket of skulls. Very cool decorating!

Anonymous said...

You are funny Maddy ! Always making the house a fun place to be. love.V.