Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who took my little girl?

"Having a daughter is like planting seeds from an unmarked packet.  You vaguely believe that you are going to get daisies.  Instead, you get orchids, morning glories, sunflowers, roses...But all beautiful. Like you" ~Pam Brown

The weirdest thing happened.  Just yesterday I gave birth to a beautiful 7 pound little girl and today she boarded the bus and went to middle school.  She set out her clothes last night , modeled 3 pairs of shoes and asked which went better with her outfit.  This morning she applied lip gloss (clear..I'm not ready for color) and misted herself with cherry blossom body spray.  She slipped her carefully labeled binders into her backpack, along with other girlie necessities like a mirror and a butterfly adorned day planner.  She is 5' 2" and 72 pounds thanks to the genes she inherited from her Auntie Vicki who inherited them from her Auntie Ange.  The stuffed animals that used to pack her bed at night  now sit in a basket, unloved. The pony bead & pipe cleaner bracelets have been replaced by hoops and studs from Claire's. The Disney Princess glitter makeup has been discarded. She no longer smells like Johnson's baby soap.  She has her own products with names like warm vanilla sugar and coconut/lime.  Her chubby little fingers that once grasped chunky paint brushes have grown into  long, lean fingers that play the piano beautifully.  Elmo and Dora were dumped long ago along with their respective theme songs.  Words and phrases like "whatever", "BFF", "LOL", and "sweet" are part of her every day vernacular.  She no longer asks for Barbies or Polly Pockets.  She wants a cell phone.  "Will you color with me?" has become, "will you paint my nails?"  She calls me "Mom" instead of "Mommy".  She is growing up but she's still, and will always be, my baby. 

She is a tween and like all tweens, she has mastered such skills as the eye roll and the exasperated sigh. She annoys her sister and they really annoy her. There were days this summer when I couldn't wait for the school year to start. I'd like to take that back.
Her bus came at 6:45 which is the time Todd leaves for work, so he accompanied her to the bus stop.  I probably would have embarrassed her.  I held back my tears until they walked out the door but Todd glanced back, knowing what he would see. 

This picture is one of favorites.  Jacey said she put makeup on her face to look pretty.  Bryn wanted some so Jacey happily obliged.  The 'makeup' is marker. 


Lisa said...

Oh - tear my heart out! A middle schooler - how did that happen overnight? Motherhood is a bittersweet road. She is a beauty and is lucky to have you for a mama!

Marilyn said...

Seems like just yesterday I had a handsome baby boy. Where did the years go? Now he is a man with a family - a gorgeous wife and four beautiful daughters. I am so proud. And I am so thankful - my granddaughters have awesome parents who are raising them to be strong and confident and oodles of fun to be with!


Yep, I'm crying. I was dry until you said how Todd looked back at you as they walked out the door to the bus.

What the heck is a tween?

I love that photo too of Jacey and Bryn with 'makeup'... classic. love.