Saturday, November 13, 2010

wax on...wax off

During the summer Bryn and Tori discovered they could wax Devin's eyebrows with stickers.  Devin was a very willing subject and thought it was hilarious.  A few weeks ago, while the rain prevented them from playing outside, Bryn and Tori  waxed Devin again.  This time they used packing tape and waxed her nose.  All 3 of them were giggling their little heads off.  After ripping the tape off Devin's nose Bryn used a foam paint brush to smooth Devin's skin. 

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WestForWestWing2012 said...

What a beautiful, life-affirming blog! Your kids are blessed to have you! And your photographs are lovely.

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Anonymous said...

This is breathtaking...

Take care,

Anonymous said...

HA! I'm glad you never thought of doing that to me. love,V.