Friday, March 4, 2011

For the Birds

The girls have been feeling pretty bad for the local birds lately. So much snow has fallen this winter and the girls have feared that their feathered friends haven't been able to find enough to eat.  I'm not exactly Miss Audubon, but even I felt sorry for the hungry birds.  For much of the winter my bird feeding consisted of plopping blocks of suet filled with seeds into the empty flower boxes like this...

Sometimes I'd fill a bowl with bird seeds and let the birds have at it.  This little guy appears to be saying, "WTF?" to my choice of serving vessel.

                                     This method did provide us with lots of beautiful visitors.

 But one night, as I was browsing the blogs of some really crafty Mamas, I stumbled  across this great idea at SmileMonsters (click for the recipe).  These cute hearts are made with corn syrup, flour, water, and bird seed.  It was a very messy, but very fun project.

 After baking them, we hung them from the deck. 

 I don't know how they did it, but the birds instantly knew that there was a feast awaiting and they flocked to the hanging hearts.  The squirrels also found them.  This clever squirrel hoisted the heart right to the top railing and inhaled the entire thing in about  15 minutes. 

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